The Governing Council is the elected body of parents who provide goverance of the management and function of the school. Meetings are held twice a term in Week 3 and 7. The committees are Canteen and Finance. The Annual General Meeting is held each year in Week 3, Term 1. Parents are welcome to attend meetings. If you would like to become a member of our Governing Council please speak to another member or the Front Office.  

2020 Governing Council Members
 Carla  Gurbala  Canteen
Lisa  Craddock  
 Abby  Farmer  
 Taniya  Fidge  
 Nikki  Macor Heath  
 Kayte  Muir Fundraising 
 Esther  Phillips  
 Anna  Sibonis Treasurer
 Tanya  Totolas  
 Lisa  Quinn  
 Ellie  Meich  Staff Representative
 Ryan  Taylor  Staff Representative