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Westport Preschool offers exceptional facilities and resources, including a spacious and well-designed outdoor area with an enclosed sand-pit with running water, a new shade-covered playground, a cubby house, grassed areas and a raised vegetable garden


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(08) 8341 7090


53 West Street
Semaphore Park SA 5019

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Aim High. Work Hard. Be Kind. No Excuses.


Our Students

Everything we do at Westport Primary school is for our students and their greater good  they are the heart and personality of our school. From the very start, Westport students understand and value what it means to have an authentic sense of belonging. Being kind is an integral component of our school identity. Each student understands that kindness and inclusivity is valued above all else. They know they are loved and that their unique personalities and passions are respected and embraced. 

Student Voice Executive

Each Year our Student Voice Executive Team is elected by the students and staff. They are a team of leaders who help plan and run fundraising events, school casual days. They also help run school tours and regularly speak at whole school assemblies.

Tribe Leaders

Westport Primary School holds a year long Tribe competition in which students participate in various events and challenges to earn points for their Tribes. These can range from whole school events like Sports Day and AFL Max Winter Games to sustainability challenges, Nude Food days and treasure hunts.  These events and challenges are lead by our team of Tribe Leaders. Check out our Home Page for the latest Tribe Leaderboard update!  

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